Resources and Forms for Jane Wendy Briggs, LCSW


Getting Started

If you would like to talk about the potential of working together, please contact me to schedule a free 15-minute phone call.  During the phone consultation, I'll learn more about what you're hoping to work on in therapy and whether I will be a good β€œfit” for you, and you will have a chance to ask any questions that you may have.  

If we agree to move forward, we will schedule an appointment in my office in Brunswick to allow us a chance to meet in person to further discuss and evaluate your needs and to begin to experience the therapeutic process together.

Moving Forward

Sessions are one hour and are usually weekly to start. This creates the stable foundation for therapy to be helpful.  Length of therapy is different for everyone. 

Some individuals benefit from an ongoing relationship with a therapist, others do well with short-term treatment. What matters is that your needs are met and your life changes for the better.


Fees/cost: Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes) - no charge
Individual Therapy Session - $100-$200

I am on most insurance panels. Because every insurer and every policy is unique, you are responsible for checking with your insurance provider (member services number on your insurance card) to better understand your coverage. You should ask about your deductible, the maximum number of visits allowed per year, your reimbursement rate and your co-payment.

I do offer a limited number of sliding fee slots in my schedule and this rate will be negotiated before treatment begins.


Social Justice and access to healthcare is an important value in my practice. I offer a  limited number of sliding scale slots at any given time for individuals who cannot afford my treatment fee.